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District 14
Hawaii, Guam, Saipan

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        Commadore                            Chief of Staff                                  

                       Commodore                                                               Chief of Staff
                     Roger Johnson                                                        Frank Gumataotao

 Our Vision Statement

 As the world’s premier volunteer organization, we are proud and dedicated to promoting boating safety.
 We meet the challenges of making our waters safer for all boaters, and we enjoy doing it!

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to build a group of proud, dedicated, and highly trained volunteers, with emphasis on promoting:
                   * Boating safety through education and vessel safety checks.
                   * Environmental safety and protection through education.
                   * Coast Guard support by providing surface and air facilities to the operational program.
                   * Team Coast Guard by assisting in program areas that require Auxiliary support.

Our Values:

 Safety is first
 Integrity, honor, respect and devotion to duty
 Pride and satisfaction
 Treating our members right
 Appreciation and recognition of our members
 Camaraderie and fellowship
 Quality training
 Broadening our horizons
 Giving back to the community
 Excitement in what we do

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